About Us

Flourishing Sprouts is a recreational activity center that offers a variety of enriched programs including, camps, birthdays and events. All of our programs follow an emergent curriculum and are Reggio Emilia inspired. We offer educational and skill based programs to children of different ages. We believe that children learn best when they’re in control of their own learning.
Children here are given the opportunity to express themselves and to contribute to their learning making it a program that is tailored to their interests. This is a crucial aspect that drives Flourishing Sprouts to create a learning environment that is the third teacher in which children’s natural curiosity is supported. We offer a safe learning environment for all.

We know that children are intelligent in multiple ways and that is why at Flourishing Sprouts we trust completely that children should direct their own learning into our educational and skill based programs. Interacting with the children, observing, documenting and asking for input is an ongoing process. Our programs contribute to the developmental stages of the children and it is our goal to help them excel and become more advanced in all areas, emotionally, cognitively, physically and socially. We want children to be happy and fully engaged in an environment that allows them to be who they truly are, safely.

A Reggio Emilia approach was selected as it allows for children, parents and educators to truly operate as a whole. The beautiful thing is about this approach is that learning occurs in the present moment in which there is not just room “saved” for children’s input. Rather, the children are the direct leaders of all programming and are not predetermined ahead of time. Working together as a community of learners is what best supports all children and connects children’s individuality and growth as a whole.

About our Founder

Julia Nikolopoulos – Director of Flourishing Sprouts is a Certified Early Childhood Educator who graduated in 2012 from Seneca college. From a very young age she knew her calling and passion was to work with children. From working in many different children environments Julia is now ready for this new chapter in her life, one that she has worked extremely hard to achieve and see it come to life. Julia has always had very passionate beliefs of how children should learn and have an environment that allows them to flourish at their own pace. She truly believes that no child should ever feel that they’re compared to another, because every child is unique in their own way. It has always been her dream to create an environment where children get to flourish and sprout at their own time of growth, and not ours.  Julia is very excited to embark on this new journey with every child who walks through those doors.

“May Flourishing Sprouts be educational, engaging, memorable,
exciting and a happy place for your sprouting growth.”
 – Julia Nikolopoulos

About the team

The Flourishing Sprouts team is one that encompasses many professionals who have an array of experiences in the field of Early Childhood education. We value the unique experiences of all staff members and have a team who put children first, have strong interpersonal skills and are lifelong learners. We are committed into making this environment safe, positive and exciting. Our team wants this to be a memorable experience for everyone all while learning and flourishing as a whole.

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